Consignment Services

Consignment Policies:  

1. Consignors must make an appointment to bring in items for consignment by calling 502-863-3200. You may also email your photos to:

2. We are looking for antiques and other unique items, mid-century modern/vintage furniture, china and glass is great condition, stain-free table linens, vintage clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags.

3. Pictures, mirrors and frames are accepted ar your risk. They must have wire attached for hanging and all glass must have backing and securely fastened.

4. To be sellable, merchandise must be clean and in good condition. Unsellable items left at the store will be disposed of at the owner’s expense. We ask you to cooperate by checking your items carefully before bringing them to us.

5. Once the items are accepted for consignment, the Consignor’s name will be kept confidential.

6. Consignors will receive 60% of the selling price on merchandise.

7. Consignors may suggest selling prices; however we reserve the right to decide the final price.

8. Consignors will be mailed an itemized invoice and payment each month if applicable.

9. Pickups will have a charge of $50 within the City of Georgetown and $65 within the City of Lexington. For a reasonable radius outside the city, pickup fee may be pre-arranged. The river will collect the agreed upon fee at the time of the pick-up in cash or check.

10. Vogue N Vintage will make every effort to sell the merchandise at the price initially agreed on with the Consignor for thirty days. After this time, the sales price may be discounted by 10%. After 60 days, it could be discounted an additional 10%. After 90 days, the Consignor can make arrangements to pick up their merchandise or work with Vogue N Vintage on additional discounting.

11. Vogue N Vintage will make every effort in handling with care any and all consignments; however, all risks of fire, theft or any damage to the property delivered under this agreement shall be retained by the Consignor, and the Consignor shall keep such property fully insured at the expense of the Consignor and for the benefit and in the name of the Consignor.

12. Both Consignor and Consignee have the right to end this consignment agreement with a 30 day written notice. Consignor shall pick up the remaining items from Vogue N Vintage at the end of those 30 days.

13. All items left after that date will remain the property of Vogue N Vintage. 

Vendor Policies:  

Vogue N Vintage will provide selling support for all merchandise at the following rates:

Monthly rental space is available for (9) vendors at a rate of $1.55 per square foot for window space and $1.45 per square foot for all other floor space. The size of the (9) spaces available range from 50-138 square feet. Therefore, rental space pricing is from $70-210 per booth. For those vendors just wanting shelf space, (5) shelves are available at a monthly rate of $25.00 each. In addition a glass case is available for $35 per month. Monthly there will be a charge of 8.5% on gross sales for vendor sales as well.

Consignments will be accepted as space is available and the determination that the prospect of the merchandise can be sold within a 90 day period. The consignment rate is 60% to the owner and 40% to Vogue N Vintage. Consignments will be marked down 10% after 30 days and again after 60 days in an effort to complete the sell. After 90 days the owner will be contacted to pick up any unsold merchandise.

A cut off will be established the last day of the month to ensure payment to vendors by the 8th of the month. Rent for the following month will be deducted from the gross sales less 8.5%. Excess money will be issued and the check may be picked up or mailed out if the vendor leaves a self addressed stamped envelope. In the event that rent or some portion of rent is due the vendor will be advised and payment is expected by the 3rd of the month.

Dealers will be expected to maintain their booths in an orderly, clean, non-cluttered manner. Booths cannot be subleased or resold. All dealers are responsible for insurance protecting their merchandise, including but not limited to, fire and theft. Theft can be defined, but not limited to, shoplifting, breaking and entering cases without authorization, tag changing, price altering, and breakage by customers. These losses, if they occur, are part of doing retail business.